Our successful projects

MIGCO ’is well qualified and experienced installation crew and are capable of undertaking large and small projects in any location in the Kingdom of
Saudi Arabia.Our fencing systems are unsurpassed in beauty, durability and in every measure of security. Chain link fencing is never completely secure.
Our fencing systems resist cutting by normal means and we even have a grid that is virtually "unclimbable". Whether security or aesthetics is your primary concern, Metalco fencing systems are the obvious choice. Some of our regular clients in are

1- Aramco,___________________________ 2- Ministry of Transport
3- Ministry of Defense___________________ 4- Ministry of Euducation
5- Ministry of Interior____________________ 6- Saudi Coasts Guard,
7- Saudi Telecommunication

  Highway fence provides for the erection of farm fence along highway right-of-way limits. Gates and brace panels are provided where required, as separate tender items. su as Highway Fence, Brace Panels, Gates
  Perimeter Security is vital to many installation sites. Reliable and quick intrusion detection is a crucial part to keep high risk sites safe. As an authorized systems integrator we can offer state of the art detection systems from Southwest Microwave
  Wild life and area border fence. Our comprehensive range of portable and permanent electric fencing products provide cost effective, durable fencing for every farm. Whilst our weigh systems drive farm profitability, weigh bars, NLIS Readers and stock handling equipment.